Destinaiton url

Google Adwords is improving URL management to help you manage and track information about each click on your ads.

Starting in July 2015, destination URLs will be replaced with new “Final URL” and “Tracking template” fields. If you use tracking and want to benefit from the new URL structure, we recommend that you upgrade your URLs before July. Otherwise, Google Adwords will automatically upgrade your eligible URLs by copying your destination URL into the final URL field. Note that Google Adwords will not be able to automatically upgrade destination URLs that have different domains than their display URLs.

Ad and keyword tracking in AdWords relies on a destination URL that contains a landing page URL and tracking parameters. Upgraded URLs offer a simpler way to manage these tracking details, letting you manage shared tracking templates at the account and ad group levels.

Upgraded URLs also introduce changes to the Google Adwords advertising policies and your available tracking and reporting options:

  • Ad final URLs will now need to match the domain of your display URL, or your ad may be disapproved. Your final URL can still contain redirects within that domain.
  • The “Destination URL” column will be renamed to “Final URL” in your AdWords reports.
  • Support for the {copy} ValueTrack parameter will be removed in the near future.

Upgraded URLs are starting to rollout to all Google Adwords advertisers, and they plan to upgrade all eligible campaigns beginning July 2015.