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The more you spend, the more visitors you’ll attract

We charge 15% of total ad spend.

Paid Advertising is all on it’s own. It does not compliment your SEO or improve your relationship with Search Engines. This is merely a pay per click agreement that you sign up for.

Paid Advertising such as Google Adwords offers instant advertising to hundreds and possibly thousands of users. Your campaign can target locations, certain age groups, specific interests and much more.

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Paid advertising or Pay Per Click advertising has become very popular and most people use this as a form of marketing. Quite a few websites offer this tool, but not all of them will give you value for money.

The best Pay Per Click packages are available on websites such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn and Youtube. These websites focus on specific user generated content and will best place your advert with relevant users.


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Target users within a certain geographic area


Target users within a certain age range


Target users with a certain gender


Target users with a certain Interests