Holiday Season

Get your Google Adwords campaigns ready for the Holiday season with Google Best Practices! Here are some tips on how to setup your Adwords campaign for success during the holidays. Start planning for this critical time period. Using your holiday calendar and considering key dates, you can begin to think about how you will execute on your holiday strategy. You will want to think about these six key areas: Keyword Lists, Budget, Bidding, Ad Text and Extensions.

1. Plan your promotional calendar

Determine what you want to promote during which times of the holiday season. If possible, identify which campaigns historically drove the most conversions. Now that you have a plan, start preparing your foundation. It’s important to have a strong presence on the digital shelf at all times.

2. Focus on mobile Ads

It’s important to be visible on mobile devices. Users are on holiday and mostly use their mobile devices to browse the web. Get your mobile site to load fast and use low resolution images to save the users’ data.

3. Target relevant customers

You’re putting a lot of effort into the holiday season marketing, so we recommend you setup this campaign to help you reach customers who are most interested in what you offer, and use geotargeting to reach customers in relevant areas that you offer your service. Regardless of how great your ad is, it probably won’t perform well if it doesn’t appear in the right place.

4. Use your Ad text wisely

Target early holiday shoppers by running promotions with your Google Adwords campaign as early as the month of November. Find out what your competition offers and make sure your promotional campaigns beat them all. Your company’s best deals will make your ad text stand from among the countless competition.

5. Level up your Landing page

Present the customer with different choices on your landing page. It is also important to categorise the audience your product would appeal to the most.

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